What Are The Hiking 10 Essentials ?

Hiking Preparations for a Newbie

Now it is indeed a hiking trend and it is a hobby that is loved by young people as well as people who are old age. Even so, age is no longer a barrier for anybody to climb the mountain as long as we are strong and able to cope with the challenges throughout the climb. 

For those who are adventurous, they will never miss out on the chance of sharing interesting pictures when they are at the top of a mountain or along a journey. This is why many want to try to see the beautiful scenery of the mountain top.

If you are a newbie trying out – just enjoy the hike. Follow these hiking 10 essentials before starting your journey.



For newbies, it is advisable to do exercises to increase your stamina a few weeks or weeks earlier before the climbing activities. This is to help in getting used to stress and fatigue. The mountain you are about to climb is not the usual height. So you need strong stamina to get to the top successfully. Remember, sore-foot is common.



Make sure before climbing, you already know a lot of information regarding the mountain. This makes it easier for you, especially if there is any case that is not desirable happened. In addition, it can also help you to know the time to be taken to arrive at the summit and return safely.


Hiking Partners

Normally hiking activities are not carried out individually. It is only done in groups. Even more so if you are a newbie. Make sure the group you are going to join is a trained or experienced person who is familiar with the state of the forest/hiking. Also, make sure you have high spirits – hiking requires strong mental endurance. The mental of a climber must be strong. You need to always have positive thoughts no matter what happens. And make sure you are willing to work together in your group. 



List the important equipment that you will bring when hiking. No need to bring equipment that is not important and not useful such as books to read in your spare time. (Let alone books, you will not have the time to even read the heart of the person next to you 🙂 ). Oh yes, and most importantly don’t forget your medicine.

Equipment that needs to be brought when hiking


  1. Waterproof Cool Clothes (thick)
  2. Waterproof Glove.
  3. Rain Coat 
  4. Head Lamp 
  5. Thin Sleeping Bag 
  6. Pole


If you are not able to predict the weather, then you should always check the weather forecast to get the latest information on the area you are about to visit. It could be that if it rained yesterday, the trail would be rickety and muddy. If this happens, you need to be more careful.



Shoes are the most important thing during the climb. You should not assume that you can wear any shoes. Be Careful! You may be dealing with critical matters such as slipping and so on. If you can’t afford expensive shoes, just buy regular sports shoes. It is more affordable. Be sure to ask your hiking partners before buying it because sometimes the surface of the shoe may not be suitable for your hiking terrain. 



Bring enough food. Remember, it’s not the usual food you eat at home. But snacks throughout your climb for example chocolates that can boost energy and make sure you drink enough water.  


Report Hiking Activities 

Many people do not report themselves to the authorities before and after climbing. Keep in mind this is mandatory. This is to ensure that they can detect something that is not desired happened to you. For example, if you report to them and tell that you are hiking in just one day, they will have a record of your trip. And they can act quickly if otherwise happened.



Get enough rest before starting the climb. This is because your tired body will not be ready to conquer the summit.


Before starting the climb, always pray to God that the journey will be safe and sound.