Top 3 Badminton Racket 2014

badminton racket bengkok

Here is the  list for Top 3 Badminton Racket in 2014


badminton racket lining


Li Ning is the racket used by the World’s Single Champion Lin Dan.  The racket is designed to have a blade shape in order to reduce the wind drag , makes it a perfect racket for a player with pure power and superb control.


badminton racket Lin Dan



This badminton racket is weighing at 85-89gm and is using 3D Break free technology. Which means it is an awesome racket that can help you to enhance the swing and strengthens your smashing power. Just like our Mr. Lin Dan here  —>

P/S:- look at the racket , it actually bend !




Yonex Z Force Badminton Racquet


A racket that is recommended for starters. This awesome badminton racket is said to have a true Yonex feeling and has incredible power.  With its weight at around 89gm , it is said to be a little heavy but it is designed that way to give more smashing power.  To increase the smash energy , this particular Yonex Racket has the thinnest ever shaft . The thinnest and strongest shaft Yonex ever produced ! It came only with one color , Black.  Sweet…







yonex nanoray #4PrintIt is claimed to be the fastest racket on the earth! With its unique frame design and the usage of the most elastic and powerful material ever i.e. the EX-HMG to built the frame , no wonder the fastest speed it ever recorded is nearly 500km/h !!  That is crazy !

So if you want to ever get close to what the professional badminton players are using , why not try with any of the choices above…

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