Tips on Choosing Best Fabric For Hiking Pants

Having a proper selection of hiking pants is very important to help you do your hiking comfortably. Wrong hiking pants can slow down your pace and thus accelerate fatigue. Hiking pants specifically for hiking purposes are different from pants like a tracksuit, gym pants, tight or jeans because you need to have materials that need to have quick dry features, comfort, safety, humidity and thus assist your movement. Or in other words, it should be a non-cotton pants /hiking pants.

In addition to choosing durable pants, you should also look at the following pants features.

Tips on Choosing Non-cotton Hiking Pants

1- Waterproof

With the unpredictable weather, which sometimes can rain suddenly and all of a sudden it starts to shines brightly, the choice of waterproof pants is very important. In addition, sometimes conditions in trekking that require you to cross the river also make waterproof pants aids in such a situation.

2- Quickly Dry

As an avid hiker, water is a major problem. With wet conditions, it can increase the burden on your feet to move. The heavier the pants, the heavier your foot will be.
This problem will make you tired quickly. Choose a pair of trousers made of QUICK DRY fabric. Avoid cotton pants and choose non cotton pants instead.

3- Easy to Keep

For those who are used to hiking, walking in the mud is very common. So choosing an easy-to-clean type of pants (EASY CARE) is very important.

4- Elastic

The selection of elastic-based pants will help you to walk comfortably when hiking.
This type of fabric is also not easy to tear, so if it goes through the thorn, it doesn’t matter. Find a Stretchable Polyester fabric.
Do not wear cotton pants because it is easy to tear. Trust me, it’s a hassle if you have to walk around with torn pants in the woods.

5- Rubber Waist

This is important for those with a large waist size. It is common that we buy pants not just to wear them for 1-2 years.
If possible we want to use it up to 2-3 years. So for those who are overweight, the selection of rubber waist pants is highly recommended.

6- Breathable

It wouldn’t be weird for an avid hiker to wear the same pants if the trip took only 2-3 days. Sometimes we even sleep in the same pants.
So choose the pants that can breathe a little, not too tight. You’ll regret it later.

7- Lightweight

All avid hikers, wanting something light. Choosing pants from a heavy type of fabric will cause you trouble later.


Must-Have Non-Cotton Hiking Pants

After knowing the ways on how to choose hiking pants, now we will give some examples of hiking pants that are worth having.

(1) Men’s Mountain Hiking Long Shorts


2-way stretch fabric, 15% elastane. Semi-elasticated waistband.


The fabric absorbs humidity and transfers it outwards


250 g in size L. (35 g of which is the built-in and removable belt)


Synthetic fabric providing breathability and fast drying time.


4 secure pockets including 2 secured. 1 thigh pocket and 1 zipped back pocket.


Reinforced fabric bottom inserts for improved solidity.

(2) Women’s Hiking Pants – X-Warm Stretch


Windproof fabric that is brushed on the inside for good thermal protection.


Stretch fabric, preformed knees and semi-elasticated waistband.


Component with water repellent treatment:water runs off without getting absorbed


Synthetic fabric (43% polyester) promoting breathability & fast drying.

(3) Men’s Mountain Backpacking Convertible Pants



Heavy-duty fabric panel on the areas most exposed to friction


Hybrid construction with use of stretch fabric on suitable areas


Use of synthetic fabrics offering breathability and quick drying.


Turn into shorts without needing to remove your shoes via the side zips


The front and rear strengthened areas are water-repellent


These trousers weigh about 460g in size 44 (L).


Machine washable synthetic fabric requires no ironing.


Hopefully, this little sharing will help you choose the best non-cotton pants for your hiking and camping activities!

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