Speedminton – An Introduction

speedminton front

All the badminton players out there, have you ever tried a game called Speed Badminton or also known as Speedminton ? Pretty cool game right ? For those who are not familiar with the game, it is actually a combination of sports like badminton, squash and tennis. Speedminton is invented in 2002 by a guy from Berlin called Bill Brandes.  Even though the sport can be regard as a young sport but it has now started to gain its popularity and played all around the world.

So how is this game different from the traditional badminton. A lot actually. First you do not need a net. Therefore the way you play the game is significantly different from badminton. You can have an ankle-high shots, knee, waist or high-arc shots. You can play anywhere you like, be it indoor or outdoor. The shuttle or Speeder as what the called it, is shorter and heavier and that makes it suitable to play it even when there is wind blowing.

If you are first timer in this game , the success rate of hitting your first speeder is very high compared to badminton due to the large spot and short handle of the Speed Racquet.

Cool! Then, how do we play it ? What are the rules? Easy. Each side of the player has a 5.5 metres of square. The aim of the game is to make sure the speeder reach the opponent’s square and cannot be returned. That simple.

Speedminton Court (Bird’s View)

 speed court #2


Speedminton Court (Real view)

speed court


For better understanding, watch this video.

To cut it short, what are the equipment needed to play this game…or sports. Both players need a racket, of  course. In a glance, the rackets used are similar to squash rackets but it is specially produced for Speed Badminton. Secondly, you need a shuttle. As mentioned earlier, the shuttle is called a speeder and it is heavier than the traditional shuttlecock. Due to that nature, the speeder can be used up to wind force 4.

For those who would like to get a hand on this sport, we recommend a Speedminton Fun Set as the gears that you should have first. It is suitable for beginners since the set contained two Speed Rackets, three Speeders/Shuttle, four Speedlights (for playing at night), one Speedbag, one Wind Ring (tools that allow you to play in wind up to 17mph), and eight cones for markers.

speedminton set



So what are you waiting for. This sport is not for the athletic nor it requires niche skills. You do not have to be a sports or a gym person to enjoy this game. Start with the set above. You will definitely enjoy this super fun sport. Basically a thumbs up game from us!

Watch this , Speedminton Trickshots !

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