Shuttlecock Failure

shuttlecock fail

Shuttlecock shuttlecock oh dear shuttlecock why do you have to fail me ??

Don’t you sometimes feel that way? Especially when your shuttle bounced back to your court just when you thought you have made the smoothest clearance of your opponent’s jumping smash! Well , I bet you sometimes did !!

Just a little bit info about shuttlecock.Every players out there should know that there are several types of shuttlecock or also known as birdies in the market. There are the normal goose or duck feather birdies (For an unknown reason, it is believed that the best feathers come from the left wing of Chinese ducks or geese.), the synthetic birdies – whereby the feather is replaced with the plastic skirt,or the rare type like the black goose feather birdies. Also not to forget the birdies for recreational playing which is the LED shuttlecock.

In Asia, because the feather shuttlecock are easier to get at a cheaper price , people tend to use that type of shuttle compared to Europe and North America whereby the plastic shuttle are more popular since feather shuttlecock are more costly.

It is indisputable that the best shuttlecock around is from the Yonex brand. The Aero Club and AS50 lines are the clear choice for the frequent players due to its uniform stability over distance and are suitable to be played in any temperature . Apart from that, Yonex also have another line which is the Yonex AeroSensa 50 that is used in the Olympics and International Badminton Federation. The price for these type of shuttles is ranging between $30.00 – $77.00

[one_half]shuttle #7[/one_half][one_half_last]shuttle-9[/one_half_last]



For those who still prefer to play with plastic or synthetic shuttlecock , again Yonex comes in as the winner compared to other brands. Mavis 2000 line is Yonex tournament-grade plastic shuttlecock and get be bought at around $15.00/ half dozen ! How sweet is that !!

[one_half]shuttle plastic #1[/one_half][one_half_last]shuttlecock p#2[/one_half_last]


Now that you have already have a little bit of knowledge regarding shuttlecock , come take a look at the video below and tell me if this is pure luck or skill ??? 🙂

lin dan vs lcw