Men's Padded Mountain Bike MTB Shorts with Zipper Pocket (Summer 2020 edition)

These Decathlon Summer 2020 edition, mountain biking MTB shorts are resistant to vegetation and designed for rides lasting over 2 hours over a wide range of distances.

Designed to be both light and durable, you’ll especially love the built-in undershorts and handy pockets.

Extra features: Snap your gloves directly to your shorts and tuck away your phones and essentials in the zipper pocket.

$ 47,99

Detail Description

Abrasion-resistant Design

Experience a brush with nature! The durable fabric won’t get snagged or worn.

Comfortable-ride Feature

Goodbye discomfort. Ride for up to three hours with the built-in foam pad.


Take phones, spare memory cards, batteries and other essentials with you; tuck them away safely with the built-in zipper pocket.

Move Freely

Specially cut and elasticated fabric ensures freedom to experience the full natural range of motion when cycling over short or long distances.

Stability-enhanced Design

Your undershorts stay in place thanks to the built-in gel bands.