Mind-bending Rallies

I want to share some strategies in badminton. No doubt each player has their own strategy ..so I want to share some of the things that I know on how to handle the opponent.

Actually that strategy depends on our opponent game pattern and also our own game pattern …
I am not a coach and have never had formal training … but I have learned this from so many experiences.

In my opinion, if you play in a lot of rallies and you have opponents who play fast, do not go with their flow  .. so the way to do this is you have to bring them in a long rally too..but to do this your stamina has to be strong.

Agree with me so far?

Ok let’s continue, if you have an opponent who plays rally and you too plays rally, you now have 2 options. Either you play fast or you follow their flow..but again depending on your stamina ..

In short, if your stamina is strong then any strategies will be ok … most importantly you have to use your brain during the game..not just play hard..You have to be good at figuring out how to beat your opponent. Comprende?

Anyway, I really like this badminton game. In a week I can say that I played around 4 to 5 times. But I actually like to play single.

Like this double playing, I don’t really like it because it does not really suit my style.

But that is not important. The most important thing is that every time I play badminton, I have a strategy to defeat the opponent. For me, even if I lose the match, let it be with a fierce fight to be satisfied. After all, I don’t like to be treated like a slave / fooled by opponents.

Usually, I play in a rally game because I don’t like risking my luck because rally games are the safest way. It just needs a little stamina.

Since that stamina is everything, I usually use my awesome cardio watch to help with my cardio workout. I found that by using a device to monitor my movements, my workouts became more focused. And I tell you, it really helps in the games.

Well, anyway, check out the below rally playing … No 1 is what I called a PRO !!