Lin Dan’s Secret Weapon

lin dan grip 6I think not many of us knew about this. But if you look carefully at Lin Dan’s way of wrapping his badminton grip , some of us might came to a conclusion that , that is the secret recipe of his winning streak. Just look at the way his badminton grip was wrapped. I am sure it was not an accident since he has the same style during few tournaments and I do not think it was because China’s factory has ran out of towel grip – that assumption is so ridiculous right ! lin dan grip 3

So why does he chooses to wrap his racket in such an abnormal way ? According to some experts, there are a few reasons to that style

Reason No. 1 :  Lin Dan has once mentioned that he wanted to get used or just to teach himself to NOT hold his racket too near to the end of the grip.

Reason No. 2 : Again to teach or force himself to use the full length of the grip. This is to give more powerful shot since before this he was so used to hold his racket about halfway up the grip.

Reason No. 3 : Removing some tape on the grip (like Lin Dan’s method) can make the bottom part of the racket will become lighter and the head will become heavy. That technique is very good for attacking play. And racket with heavy head is how Lin Dan likes it.lin dan grip 8

So come take a closer look at how rare Lin Dan’s badminton grip is…

 Now that you have already know what is Lin Dan’s secret magic, why don’t you try his method. Click on the link below for more details on towel grip. Who knows his secret weapon works well with you too. Good Luck !