Lin Dan’s Secret Weapon

I think not many of us knew about this. But if you look carefully at Lin Dan’s way of wrapping his badminton grip , some of us might came to a conclusion that , that is the secret recipe of his winning streak. Just look at the way his badminton grip was wrapped. I am sure it was not an accident since he has the same style during few tournaments and I do not think it was because China’s factory has ran out of towel grip – that assumption is so ridiculous right !

So why does he chooses to wrap his racket in such an abnormal way ? According to some experts, there are a few reasons to that style

Reason No. 1 :  Lin Dan has once mentioned that he wanted to get used or just to teach himself to NOT hold his racket too near to the end of the grip.

Reason No. 2 : Again to teach or force himself to use the full length of the grip. This is to give more powerful shot since before this he was so used to hold his racket about halfway up the grip.

Reason No. 3 : Removing some tape on the grip (like Lin Dan’s method) can make the bottom part of the racket will become lighter and the head will become heavy. That technique is very good for attacking play. And racket with heavy head is how Lin Dan likes it.

So come take a closer look at how rare Lin Dan’s badminton grip is

[one_half]lin dan grip 3[/one_half]  [one_half_last]lin dan grip 8[/one_half_last]

[one_half]lin dan grip 4[/one_half][one_half_last]lin dan grip 6[/one_half_last]


Now that you have already know what is Lin Dan’s secret magic, why don’t you try his method. Click on the link below for more details on towel grip. Who knows his secret weapon works well with you too. Good Luck !



Yonex Badminton Racquet – ArcSaber 10 Peter Gade Limited Edition


peter-gade-5I know that I have never talked about Peter Gade in any of my posts before this. But somehow his name reappeared to me when I saw this beautiful white Yonex Badminton Racquet in a store few days ago. I may not be Peter Gade’s big fan ; well maybe because during his undefeated  days , he always beat the hell out of the players from my country…which makes me hold a grudge on him , somehow !! Haha
peter-gade-6Back to the serious topic. This beautiful white racquet that I saw, it turns out to be Peter Gade Limited Edition model – by Yonex ! With its sleek and chic design the racquet just had me at HELLO ! This Yonex Badminton Racquet  has an inspiration message printed on the frame of the racquet. The message says “Go With All Your Heart” – a motto that used by Peter Gade throughout his playing career. Besides that, his name and signature was also printed together with the motto.

Yonex has been developing racquetspeter-gade-1based on players input and customization, so does this Yonex Badminton Racquet which is known by a code name Arc10PG or ArcSaber 10 Peter Gade Limited Edition. Based on Peter Gade’s  favorite color they have chosen white color design for the frame right through the shaft and the grip. As per Gade’s request, a touch of champagne gold was also been added to the gentleman’s white to give a gorgeous look to this racquet and also to represent his desire to win the game with elegance.

This awesome Japanese product has only one color, which is this Crystal White. So its RARE !! In addition to that, this Yonex Badminton Racquet can be considered as light weight, weighing at an average of 83g.

peter-gade-2So for Peter Gade’s fan out there, do not miss your chance to own this awesome looking bad boy! The price is cheaper by nearly usd100 at ebay compared to other badminton online store (trust us we have made the comparison !! Read here About Us) . Just follow the link down there and you will be on your way to play like a Pro with this handsome Yonex Badminton Racquet!

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buy now crop


Vintage Badminton Rackets

If you have started playing badminton since 20 or 30 years ago , you must have 1,2 or 3 these type of wooden racket hanging somewhere in your house. At that point of time, I am sure you wish to have a lighter rackets. But now as time flies, looking back to these heavy rackets I know how you wish you have never thrashed it away. Looking at its aesthetic value and its retro look makes you want to re-live your old-school playful days again.

The five vintage wooden badminton rackets that are shown here are very old. Two of the rackets are red in color, the other two are blue and one is orange.It might have some cosmetic default but it is still can be used as intended.

5 rackets #1

However if you just want to own it as a collection , some suggestion on what to do with the rackets are as below :-

(1) Forget flowers or plant. Putting the wooden rackets in a vase will give a stronger vintage touch to  your home.

[one_half]rackets vase #4[/one_half][one_half_last]rackets vase #2[/one_half_last]


(2) Turn it into a super cool mirror. Decorate it as you like it. Or just put as a bare mirror. With the rackets’ wooden material, your mirror will impress your guests.

[one_half]racket mirror #4[/one_half][one_half_last]racket mirror[/one_half_last]

racket mirror #3

(3) Excuse me Mr Square Frame , please make way for these new kids in town. Hang your rackets again on the  wall. Only this time, you can hang the rackets vertically, horizontally or whichever that you like. Trust me, the end result will mesmerize everyone. wall rackets #2

[one_half]wall rackets #3[/one_half][one_half_last]wall rackets[/one_half_last]

So be creative with these vintage collection. Hang it, sew it , paint it..let your imagination running wild. Who would have thought, the rackets that once you threw is now giving your home a new vintage look.

Or why not once in a while you try to use it in a game or two. I am sure people will come to you and ask where the heck did you get that and where can they get one as well…Well we thought that was super fun.

Anyone with an appreciation for the old Badminton Rackets will immediately understand that this is a ridiculously cool rackets and they should probably get their hands on one or two of these bad boy right away.

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Top 3 Badminton Racket 2014

badminton racket bengkok

Here is the  list for Top 3 Badminton Racket in 2014


badminton racket lining


Li Ning is the racket used by the World’s Single Champion Lin Dan.  The racket is designed to have a blade shape in order to reduce the wind drag , makes it a perfect racket for a player with pure power and superb control.


badminton racket Lin Dan



This badminton racket is weighing at 85-89gm and is using 3D Break free technology. Which means it is an awesome racket that can help you to enhance the swing and strengthens your smashing power. Just like our Mr. Lin Dan here  —>

P/S:- look at the racket , it actually bend !




Yonex Z Force Badminton Racquet


A racket that is recommended for starters. This awesome badminton racket is said to have a true Yonex feeling and has incredible power.  With its weight at around 89gm , it is said to be a little heavy but it is designed that way to give more smashing power.  To increase the smash energy , this particular Yonex Racket has the thinnest ever shaft . The thinnest and strongest shaft Yonex ever produced ! It came only with one color , Black.  Sweet…







yonex nanoray #4PrintIt is claimed to be the fastest racket on the earth! With its unique frame design and the usage of the most elastic and powerful material ever i.e. the EX-HMG to built the frame , no wonder the fastest speed it ever recorded is nearly 500km/h !!  That is crazy !

So if you want to ever get close to what the professional badminton players are using , why not try with any of the choices above…

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