Badminton Rules Made Easy

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Wassapp Bad Min Ton people.

Now you have all the gears ready , your dressing is overkill , your shoes so awesome that people will surely take a second look at you and then…  WAIT ! How the heck do we play this game.  Worry no more as I will explain to you the 5 basic principles of the badminton rules.

Rule #1

– The objective is to score 21 points. Who reach 21 point first is the  WINNER …

Rule #2

– This game can have 2 people playing i.e (one vs one) or 4 people playing (two vs two).

Rule #3

– The player can only touch the shuttlecock using the racket. Hand is totally not allowed.

Rule #4

– Player will gain the point every time the shuttlecock is  dead or out of play. If player A made the mistake, one point will be given to his opponent.

Rule #5

– Player is not allowed to touch the net using the racket or body. If that happened,point will be given  to the opponent.


There you go people. The most basic rules that you have to know before you can start the game. For more detailed explanation on the badminton rules especially regarding the border line for single and double play , you can click here for single game or  here for playing doubles.

And now some facts about badminton for your info

badminton rules facts

Also for the Badminton Lovers out there who likes to read more about badminton, below are some of the collection that you can find in

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Till my next post . Bye for now.

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Portable Badminton Net

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Ok so now you own a cool LED shuttlecock.  Next  what you need is a badminton net to further enjoy the game. This particular badminton set is a great choice to start. It’s portable and it has a very light carrying case,  which is not more than 5 pounds.  It is suitable if you want to bring it for your next road trip or just as a casual play at home.



It literally takes minute to set up or take down so the players would not have to wait very long before they can start the game ; makes it a fun choice for a quick workout.

badminton net #2

badminton net #3This particular set comes with  4 rackets (2 red, 2 green), 2 shuttlecocks, a net, and a carrying case.  The carrying case also acts as the net base which does not require any tools or stakes. How cool is that right!

Even with a limited backyard space, you can still set up the kit since it would not take so much room to put it up. With its price which is on sale right now, this badminton net is the right choice for your christmas present besides other badminton related gifts like a stylish trainer, badminton clothing with a sic design or a hip badminton accessories.


badminton net #4PrintAs badminton is a game to be enjoyed with your family and friends, I must say that this is a must have badminton equipment to go with your other gear. So do not waste anymore time and check out the link.

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