Badminton Bag – In Retro Mode

badminton bag retro #1

This super cool badminton bag just had us at hello ! It is not like an ordinary long badminton bag where you stuff all your rackets in it and have to carry the big luggage along with you. If you are always finding it annoying to carry those type of bags, than introducing these seriously awesome retro racket bag. It is a carrier bag with a front compartment to put maybe 2 or 3 of your rackets. The combination of Red, White and Blue Canvas with Vinyl trim gives the bag an awesome vintage look.

The bag has ample room in the main compartment and the handle is made of  a soft but high quality straps.  This old school looking bag is 6 inches in depth with 17 inches height and 15 inches width.

badminton bag retro #2badminton bag retro#3







This badminton bag is extremely cool and affordable and it is great for a person that is looking for some sort of uniqueness. Paired it with your sic design of Badminton Clothing, your Jack Purcell Badminton Shoes, your Black Badminton Shuttlecock and put all your Li Ning Badminton Rackets in this nice bag. Trust me, you will be the fashion icon in your badminton centre.

Whether you are a professional player or just a casual player, this awesome and stunning vintage bag is a must have. Not only does the red and blue stripes over the white-colored bag is an eye-catcher but the racket compartment is placed at perfect location. It is located outside of the main compartment, makes it easy for the player to take it out or put the rackets in. Absolutely a clever bag to those who wants the save minutes every time you wants to pack things up. Which might not sound a lot but it does add value in a long run.

Great for players who wants to look rare and be different from others, nice to look at and super affordable price…what else are you looking for in a bag? This badminton bag is the perfect bad boy to add some life to your badminton world. We are more than happy to say go for  it, buy it if you like it!

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Portable Badminton Net

badminton net #6

badminton net #1


Ok so now you own a cool LED shuttlecock.  Next  what you need is a badminton net to further enjoy the game. This particular badminton set is a great choice to start. It’s portable and it has a very light carrying case,  which is not more than 5 pounds.  It is suitable if you want to bring it for your next road trip or just as a casual play at home.



It literally takes minute to set up or take down so the players would not have to wait very long before they can start the game ; makes it a fun choice for a quick workout.

badminton net #2

badminton net #3This particular set comes with  4 rackets (2 red, 2 green), 2 shuttlecocks, a net, and a carrying case.  The carrying case also acts as the net base which does not require any tools or stakes. How cool is that right!

Even with a limited backyard space, you can still set up the kit since it would not take so much room to put it up. With its price which is on sale right now, this badminton net is the right choice for your christmas present besides other badminton related gifts like a stylish trainer, badminton clothing with a sic design or a hip badminton accessories.


badminton net #4PrintAs badminton is a game to be enjoyed with your family and friends, I must say that this is a must have badminton equipment to go with your other gear. So do not waste anymore time and check out the link.

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