Stylish Badminton Shoes

badminton shoes QF7

badminton shoes QF7

Shoes wear by Lin Dan these days….Nope..It’s not Li Ning.  It’s an Adidas.  These seriously stylish badminton shoes  are available in three colors , blue , red and white. As you dancing away with your jumping and smashing while playing the game, it will sure to capture the eye of anyone that is standing nearby with its vibrant color.

badminton shoes QF7 blueSince most of badminton players will usually wear their same old boring clothing and gears, these shoes are made for players that love to deck themselves out in all sorts of fun and colorful gear. And this baby is just perfect at an absolute steal at just over $150. Furthermore these shoes are super comfortable and they fit very nicely on your feet.

They are made of durable and synthetic upper and has a mechanism of protection that protect the toes from being squeezed in toe box.  Apart from that its softer and lighter Top-Grip rubber give an ideal grip for indoor surfaces.

badminton shoes QF7 white

Imagine pairing this shoes with a cool badminton clothing and a professional badminton rackets, we are sure you will be super confident even before you enter the badminton court.

So if you are a stylish player and looking for something that can stunned  everyone’s eyes with a cool looking  badminton shoes, then they do not get much  better than this.In addition to that, these shoes are currently on sale. So pick up a pair today !

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