Badminton Shoes – Jack Purcell

badminton shoes retro

badminton shoes blackSuch a vintage shoes. I am sure some of you have one of these pair or similar design when you were a lad.

With its old school and retro look , it sure brings back some old novelties. Forget Yonex or Adidas because these shoes brings a simple statement , clean yet casual. The shoes is design by none other than the former badminton champion himself – Jack Purcell.

For you who do not know who Jack Purcell is, he was declared as badminton World Champion in 1932. That same year, Jack together with his friend  started to design a super cool sport shoes and that has changed the badminton fashion scene forever. Now Jack Purcell line of collection  has become one of the most popular shoes under the Converse brand. It is no surprise that these effortless cool design will forever be Converse’s fan favorite, especially for its vintage fashion appeal.

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Even though the shoes has a casual look, it still can be used as a badminton shoes because it has a rubber sole which makes it suitable for a slippery badminton court. And to avoid injuries, the shoes has rubber toe cap and sidewall which makes it an appropriate gear to wear for the game. It is available in several unconventional colors. There’s  Dozer blue, Gooseberry, Sandshell , Egret and the ever cool plain white.For those who do not want to have a stereotype look, this badminton shoes is definitely the one you are looking for. It will surely make everyone turns to see your move even before you walk into the court.

badminton shoes dozarblue         badminton shoes dozarblue#2Imagine wearing these bad boy together with an awesome badminton clothing and using a black badminton shuttlecock. You are surely changing the fashion statement in this badminton world with your one of a kind look. All the gears are super affordable and super cool and it makes badminton one of our favorite sports.

So what are you waiting for. Grab one of this deadly gorgeous shoes as it is bound to catch the eye of anyone who hang around the court.badminton shoes gooseberry

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