Badminton Rare Moments

If you go to a gym you will notice that there are many white lines that mark the various sports spaces. In my country, for example, there is a tendency to see lines for badminton, basketball and volleyball on the same court in the gym. This often confuses players as the line for badminton courts overlaps with volleyball courts and so on. So what is the current solution to this problem?

ASB Glass, a company based in Berlin Germany, feels that the future of LED-based lighting is the answer. The gymnasium on the gym floor can be modified as needed and fully controlled using a computer. What’s interesting about ASB Glass’s LED floor systems is its flexibility. Do you want half a court of a basketball court and another half a badminton court? No problem because the floor configuration can be changed simply by pressing the computer button.

It’s so cool and makes us all feel like in the Tron world.



OK to talk about the cool and rare things about sport. I want to share a rare moment in badminton.

I just had to share this ! rare-1

What do you think ? Is it the racket the he used ? Or a good badminton grip that he wrapped his racket with ? Or the shoes the he wore? Or it’s his skills or just pure luck ?

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