Badminton Accessories – Shuttlecock Pendant

OK players !!

Today’s post might be a little off topic.  But it is still about our beloved game , badminton..but the soft side of badminton (please do not deny it , behind those macho face that hitting the shuttlecock , you do have some soft spot for a girl..right ?)

blue pendantAnd that is why today I will show some of the jewelry collection or badminton accessories that we have in our Shuttlecockzone Store. This is not an ordinary jewelry.It’s the RARE type that you would not be able to find anywhere else.

Tell me , have you ever seen a shuttlecock wedding ring before this? A shuttlecock earring or even a shuttlecock pendant. Not always right ? So in this store , we have gathered all the rare badminton accessories just for you.

The one that we will cover today is Colored Shuttlecock Pendant…

shuttlecock-pendant#1These pendant are available in 4 beautiful colors,  blue, pink  black and golden yellow.It is made of silver.  Also at the edge of the pendant there is a silver chain that can be used to attach to the necklace – so that you would not feel that the pendant is being stuck at your neck.


So to the players out there, do not be sad if you cannot win the game in the court, you can still win your woman’s heart by presenting her this glittering pendant. The best part is, it is not as expensive as gold or diamond but hey it does has similar look.

Hopefully with these pendant, she will understand that you love her as much as you love the game…(or vice versa)

And for the girls out there.  You can get those pendant as a gift for yourselves. Treat it like a reward after all your hard work all this time.

So do not waste any more time players. Bring some colors to your life. Get it one today by clicking  the below banner!




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