Baby Bibs – Hail To Badminton

Happy New Year People !!

What is your resolution for this year ? Did you able to achieve the one that you made last year? Nope…It’s ok man. Try again on this year of 2015.  For those of you who plan to start a family in this year of Sheep and succeeded , well hello , Welcome Aboard !

Just so you know , we have something special for your new bundle of joy. In our store, you can get things like, baby bips , baby onesies, baby t shirts , baby shoes and so many others baby related product. And what makes it more special is that these baby product can be customized to have badminton related design, logo , wording , pictures or you can just be creative and put anything that you can imagine on your baby t shirts or stuff.

What we have below here is a baby bibs – something you might need when your baby has started to drink or eat. (I am sure you do not want those mess and spills to ruin that nice outfit that your baby is wearing.) So grab one or two of these cutie pie . Trust me it will save a lot of your time and energy.

These baby bibs is made of 100% cotton and has a velcro closure. It came with several different color combination. There are White/Royal, Red/White, White/Raspberry, White/Turqoise, Pink/White and several different others.  Even though these type of items is not customizable, do not be alarmed as the wording itself has says it all !! See for yourself !



But if you have some other ideas on mine on what to put on that cute little bibs, then we suggest the one below. It is made of 100% polyester fleece ; thicker than the one above. However having said that the bibs is still machine washable in gentle cycle. The design can be customize according to your creativity (it may not be badminton related – we understand ;)),

[one_half]baby bib zazzle #2[/one_half][one_half_last]baby bib zazle #1[/one_half_last]


So for the mommy and daddy to be , what are you waiting for. If you are truly a hardcore badminton fan , these items are a must have.  The baby will pop out sooner or later, so why not you include these cool baby bibs in your “things to buy” list.

And for those who are not waiting for any new babies to come but you knew someone who is , these are the perfect gift for the expectant parents. We give two thumbs up for this product !

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