Lin Dan’s Secret Weapon

I think not many of us knew about this. But if you look carefully at Lin Dan’s way of wrapping his badminton grip , some of us might came to a conclusion that , that is the secret recipe of his winning streak. Just look at the way his badminton grip was wrapped. I am sure it was not an accident since he has the same style during few tournaments and I do not think it was because China’s factory has ran out of towel grip – that assumption is so ridiculous right !

So why does he chooses to wrap his racket in such an abnormal way ? According to some experts, there are a few reasons to that style

Reason No. 1 :  Lin Dan has once mentioned that he wanted to get used or just to teach himself to NOT hold his racket too near to the end of the grip.

Reason No. 2 : Again to teach or force himself to use the full length of the grip. This is to give more powerful shot since before this he was so used to hold his racket about halfway up the grip.

Reason No. 3 : Removing some tape on the grip (like Lin Dan’s method) can make the bottom part of the racket will become lighter and the head will become heavy. That technique is very good for attacking play. And racket with heavy head is how Lin Dan likes it.

So come take a closer look at how rare Lin Dan’s badminton grip is

[one_half]lin dan grip 3[/one_half]  [one_half_last]lin dan grip 8[/one_half_last]

[one_half]lin dan grip 4[/one_half][one_half_last]lin dan grip 6[/one_half_last]


Now that you have already know what is Lin Dan’s secret magic, why don’t you try his method. Click on the link below for more details on towel grip. Who knows his secret weapon works well with you too. Good Luck !



Shuttlecock Failure

shuttlecock fail

Shuttlecock shuttlecock oh dear shuttlecock why do you have to fail me ??

Don’t you sometimes feel that way? Especially when your shuttle bounced back to your court just when you thought you have made the smoothest clearance of your opponent’s jumping smash! Well , I bet you sometimes did !!

Just a little bit info about shuttlecock.Every players out there should know that there are several types of shuttlecock or also known as birdies in the market. There are the normal goose or duck feather birdies (For an unknown reason, it is believed that the best feathers come from the left wing of Chinese ducks or geese.), the synthetic birdies – whereby the feather is replaced with the plastic skirt,or the rare type like the black goose feather birdies. Also not to forget the birdies for recreational playing which is the LED shuttlecock.

In Asia, because the feather shuttlecock are easier to get at a cheaper price , people tend to use that type of shuttle compared to Europe and North America whereby the plastic shuttle are more popular since feather shuttlecock are more costly.

It is indisputable that the best shuttlecock around is from the Yonex brand. The Aero Club and AS50 lines are the clear choice for the frequent players due to its uniform stability over distance and are suitable to be played in any temperature . Apart from that, Yonex also have another line which is the Yonex AeroSensa 50 that is used in the Olympics and International Badminton Federation. The price for these type of shuttles is ranging between $30.00 – $77.00

[one_half]shuttle #7[/one_half][one_half_last]shuttle-9[/one_half_last]



For those who still prefer to play with plastic or synthetic shuttlecock , again Yonex comes in as the winner compared to other brands. Mavis 2000 line is Yonex tournament-grade plastic shuttlecock and get be bought at around $15.00/ half dozen ! How sweet is that !!

[one_half]shuttle plastic #1[/one_half][one_half_last]shuttlecock p#2[/one_half_last]


Now that you have already have a little bit of knowledge regarding shuttlecock , come take a look at the video below and tell me if this is pure luck or skill ??? 🙂

lin dan vs lcw


Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei

Before I start to compare between Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei , let’s see some amazing moments performed by these two chaps !

Ok so what’s the deal with Lin Dan ? Why is he like super good that it is very hard for any other player to beat him. In this post, I am going to compare the differences between Lin Dan  and his arch rival Lee Chong Wei . It is undeniable both players have an outstanding skills so I am going to show some facts that I think some people just overlooked or just do not care. You will see what makes Lin Dan the Morpheous in this badminton world based on the three “S”s.


Lin Dan : He picks and chooses which tournament he wants to go. With this style, he is  exempted from the extra pressure. He knows that if he loses any of the games, he will make it up on the next match. If he feels like winning the Olympic , he will join the Olympic and strive hard to win. If he feels like winning the All England , he will just join the event. The sideback of this strategy is just that he would not be ranked as the World’s No. 1 player. But who cares, he is still the best and winning all the major tournament !

Lee Chong Wei : He has to go to almost all of the Superseries and get pass every round. In order for him the be the World’s no 1 he has to win nearly all of the events. So with that kind of strategy he has to deal with the additional pressure. But hey, we have to admit Lin Dan’s is stronger mentally and more skillful so this is the only way Chong Wei can get hold of the world’s title.


Lin Dan : Look at that pair of SHOES !! It is so awesome looking and “threatening”. It is the shoes the he wore when he won the Olympic Gold Medal and the 17th World Championship. It is said to be the most advance shoes of all time. How cool is that !! Plus these shoes are so rare that you will not find it in the normal online retailer like amazon or ebay. However if you are still dying to get one of these awesome looking bad boy , do click below link for more details.

Lin Dan shoes #1     
                             Lin Dan shoes #7
Lin Dan shoes #4                        Lin Dan shoes #3

buy now crop

Lee Chong Wei : Yellow ?? Come on man !! Seriously I am not biased towards Lin Dan but yellow is just not my color. Maybe for readers out there , this shoes looks bad ass. To each is own right ? Chong Wei used these pair during the Olympic final. The shoes is the same as the previous SHB-91 series model but Yonex has redesigned the shoes internally so that it will improved the player’s comfort, fit and performance. Sounds cool huh ? So what are you  waiting for ..if you are LCW die hard fan and  think that these shoes are definitely suitable for you, do not hesitate to click on the link below . We have searched high and low all over the net and the below store is the cheapest among all!!

[one_half]lee chong wei #3[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Lee Chong Wei shoes #2[/one_half_last]

[one_half]lee chong wei #6[/one_half] [one_half_last]lee chong wei #5[/one_half_last]

buy now crop

Style (outside the court

You judge it for yourselves…

Lin Dan :

[one_third]Lin Dan With Dolce and Gabbana[/one_third][one_third]Lin Dan style #4[/one_third][one_third_last]Lin Dan Style #2[/one_third_last]

 Lee Chong Wei

[one_third]LCW style #6[/one_third][one_third]LCW style #4[/one_third][one_third_last]LCW style #3[/one_third_last]

Enufff said

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AND for LEE CHONG WEI’s fan , here are some ideas …

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Things you never knew about Badminton Grip

Have you ever thought whether all this while you are using the wrong badminton grip for your racket or you just do not care ? I used to be the latter until I came across this awesome website which has a complete guide on simply about “how-to-play-badminton“.

Reading through the articles and the know-hows on that page has given me a new perspective about badminton grip. Basically there are 2 types of badminton grip which I have never noticed; the THICKER type and the THINNER one. What are the differences, you may ask ? Well…

If you are player who likes to play attacks meaning that you like to do smash after smash and continue with another jumping smash then the thicker grip is perfect for you. This is because, that type of player needs to hold the handle very tight in order to give all the power and energy.  Thicker badminton grip will be very suitable for these types of players.

But if you are the type that like to show off your skills like doing badminton clears or badminton drops and like to engaged in a long rallies then the THINNER badminton grip is just for you. The reason behind it is that, such players need to hold their racket lightly not too tight. Holding the racket too tight will only lead to powerful stroke and gave too much power in your shot and that will only spoil your way of playing.

Therefore if you want to have an excellent control on your rackets and using a lot of wrist movement, a THINNER grip is the one that you should go for.

So how does the THICK and THIN badminton grip looks like physically.

THICK grip e.g. : Towel grip

[one_third]towel grip #3[/one_third][one_third]towel grip[/one_third][one_third_last]towel grip #2[/one_third_last]



THIN grip e.g. : Overgrip

[one_third]thin grip #3[/one_third][one_third]thin grip #2[/one_third][one_third_last]thin grip[/one_third_last]



Get the idea ?? So if your palm sweat a lot and at the same time you need something that can give you extra power while doing the jumping and smashing, go for towel grip. But if you into skills and need something light to control the racket mostly by using wrist movement then the overgrip is for you.

So after you own an awesome badminton racket or stylish badminton shoes, why not do yourself a favor and get the proper badminton grip. Trust us it will change the way you play.

Once again if you need more explanation on the badminton grip. Visit this website. A detailed info will be provided.

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Yonex Badminton Racquet – ArcSaber 10 Peter Gade Limited Edition


peter-gade-5I know that I have never talked about Peter Gade in any of my posts before this. But somehow his name reappeared to me when I saw this beautiful white Yonex Badminton Racquet in a store few days ago. I may not be Peter Gade’s big fan ; well maybe because during his undefeated  days , he always beat the hell out of the players from my country…which makes me hold a grudge on him , somehow !! Haha
peter-gade-6Back to the serious topic. This beautiful white racquet that I saw, it turns out to be Peter Gade Limited Edition model – by Yonex ! With its sleek and chic design the racquet just had me at HELLO ! This Yonex Badminton Racquet  has an inspiration message printed on the frame of the racquet. The message says “Go With All Your Heart” – a motto that used by Peter Gade throughout his playing career. Besides that, his name and signature was also printed together with the motto.

Yonex has been developing racquetspeter-gade-1based on players input and customization, so does this Yonex Badminton Racquet which is known by a code name Arc10PG or ArcSaber 10 Peter Gade Limited Edition. Based on Peter Gade’s  favorite color they have chosen white color design for the frame right through the shaft and the grip. As per Gade’s request, a touch of champagne gold was also been added to the gentleman’s white to give a gorgeous look to this racquet and also to represent his desire to win the game with elegance.

This awesome Japanese product has only one color, which is this Crystal White. So its RARE !! In addition to that, this Yonex Badminton Racquet can be considered as light weight, weighing at an average of 83g.

peter-gade-2So for Peter Gade’s fan out there, do not miss your chance to own this awesome looking bad boy! The price is cheaper by nearly usd100 at ebay compared to other badminton online store (trust us we have made the comparison !! Read here About Us) . Just follow the link down there and you will be on your way to play like a Pro with this handsome Yonex Badminton Racquet!

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buy now crop


Baby Bibs – Hail To Badminton

Happy New Year People !!

What is your resolution for this year ? Did you able to achieve the one that you made last year? Nope…It’s ok man. Try again on this year of 2015.  For those of you who plan to start a family in this year of Sheep and succeeded , well hello , Welcome Aboard !

Just so you know , we have something special for your new bundle of joy. In our store, you can get things like, baby bips , baby onesies, baby t shirts , baby shoes and so many others baby related product. And what makes it more special is that these baby product can be customized to have badminton related design, logo , wording , pictures or you can just be creative and put anything that you can imagine on your baby t shirts or stuff.

What we have below here is a baby bibs – something you might need when your baby has started to drink or eat. (I am sure you do not want those mess and spills to ruin that nice outfit that your baby is wearing.) So grab one or two of these cutie pie . Trust me it will save a lot of your time and energy.

These baby bibs is made of 100% cotton and has a velcro closure. It came with several different color combination. There are White/Royal, Red/White, White/Raspberry, White/Turqoise, Pink/White and several different others.  Even though these type of items is not customizable, do not be alarmed as the wording itself has says it all !! See for yourself !



But if you have some other ideas on mine on what to put on that cute little bibs, then we suggest the one below. It is made of 100% polyester fleece ; thicker than the one above. However having said that the bibs is still machine washable in gentle cycle. The design can be customize according to your creativity (it may not be badminton related – we understand ;)),

[one_half]baby bib zazzle #2[/one_half][one_half_last]baby bib zazle #1[/one_half_last]


So for the mommy and daddy to be , what are you waiting for. If you are truly a hardcore badminton fan , these items are a must have.  The baby will pop out sooner or later, so why not you include these cool baby bibs in your “things to buy” list.

And for those who are not waiting for any new babies to come but you knew someone who is , these are the perfect gift for the expectant parents. We give two thumbs up for this product !

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Speedminton – An Introduction

speedminton front

All the badminton players out there, have you ever tried a game called Speed Badminton or also known as Speedminton ? Pretty cool game right ? For those who are not familiar with the game, it is actually a combination of sports like badminton, squash and tennis. Speedminton is invented in 2002 by a guy from Berlin called Bill Brandes.  Even though the sport can be regard as a young sport but it has now started to gain its popularity and played all around the world.

So how is this game different from the traditional badminton. A lot actually. First you do not need a net. Therefore the way you play the game is significantly different from badminton. You can have an ankle-high shots, knee, waist or high-arc shots. You can play anywhere you like, be it indoor or outdoor. The shuttle or Speeder as what the called it, is shorter and heavier and that makes it suitable to play it even when there is wind blowing.

If you are first timer in this game , the success rate of hitting your first speeder is very high compared to badminton due to the large spot and short handle of the Speed Racquet.

Cool! Then, how do we play it ? What are the rules? Easy. Each side of the player has a 5.5 metres of square. The aim of the game is to make sure the speeder reach the opponent’s square and cannot be returned. That simple.

Speedminton Court (Bird’s View)

 speed court #2


Speedminton Court (Real view)

speed court


For better understanding, watch this video.

To cut it short, what are the equipment needed to play this game…or sports. Both players need a racket, of  course. In a glance, the rackets used are similar to squash rackets but it is specially produced for Speed Badminton. Secondly, you need a shuttle. As mentioned earlier, the shuttle is called a speeder and it is heavier than the traditional shuttlecock. Due to that nature, the speeder can be used up to wind force 4.

For those who would like to get a hand on this sport, we recommend a Speedminton Fun Set as the gears that you should have first. It is suitable for beginners since the set contained two Speed Rackets, three Speeders/Shuttle, four Speedlights (for playing at night), one Speedbag, one Wind Ring (tools that allow you to play in wind up to 17mph), and eight cones for markers.

speedminton set



So what are you waiting for. This sport is not for the athletic nor it requires niche skills. You do not have to be a sports or a gym person to enjoy this game. Start with the set above. You will definitely enjoy this super fun sport. Basically a thumbs up game from us!

Watch this , Speedminton Trickshots !

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Badminton Bag – In Retro Mode

badminton bag retro #1

This super cool badminton bag just had us at hello ! It is not like an ordinary long badminton bag where you stuff all your rackets in it and have to carry the big luggage along with you. If you are always finding it annoying to carry those type of bags, than introducing these seriously awesome retro racket bag. It is a carrier bag with a front compartment to put maybe 2 or 3 of your rackets. The combination of Red, White and Blue Canvas with Vinyl trim gives the bag an awesome vintage look.

The bag has ample room in the main compartment and the handle is made of  a soft but high quality straps.  This old school looking bag is 6 inches in depth with 17 inches height and 15 inches width.

badminton bag retro #2badminton bag retro#3







This badminton bag is extremely cool and affordable and it is great for a person that is looking for some sort of uniqueness. Paired it with your sic design of Badminton Clothing, your Jack Purcell Badminton Shoes, your Black Badminton Shuttlecock and put all your Li Ning Badminton Rackets in this nice bag. Trust me, you will be the fashion icon in your badminton centre.

Whether you are a professional player or just a casual player, this awesome and stunning vintage bag is a must have. Not only does the red and blue stripes over the white-colored bag is an eye-catcher but the racket compartment is placed at perfect location. It is located outside of the main compartment, makes it easy for the player to take it out or put the rackets in. Absolutely a clever bag to those who wants the save minutes every time you wants to pack things up. Which might not sound a lot but it does add value in a long run.

Great for players who wants to look rare and be different from others, nice to look at and super affordable price…what else are you looking for in a bag? This badminton bag is the perfect bad boy to add some life to your badminton world. We are more than happy to say go for  it, buy it if you like it!

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Vintage Badminton Rackets

If you have started playing badminton since 20 or 30 years ago , you must have 1,2 or 3 these type of wooden racket hanging somewhere in your house. At that point of time, I am sure you wish to have a lighter rackets. But now as time flies, looking back to these heavy rackets I know how you wish you have never thrashed it away. Looking at its aesthetic value and its retro look makes you want to re-live your old-school playful days again.

The five vintage wooden badminton rackets that are shown here are very old. Two of the rackets are red in color, the other two are blue and one is orange.It might have some cosmetic default but it is still can be used as intended.

5 rackets #1

However if you just want to own it as a collection , some suggestion on what to do with the rackets are as below :-

(1) Forget flowers or plant. Putting the wooden rackets in a vase will give a stronger vintage touch to  your home.

[one_half]rackets vase #4[/one_half][one_half_last]rackets vase #2[/one_half_last]


(2) Turn it into a super cool mirror. Decorate it as you like it. Or just put as a bare mirror. With the rackets’ wooden material, your mirror will impress your guests.

[one_half]racket mirror #4[/one_half][one_half_last]racket mirror[/one_half_last]

racket mirror #3

(3) Excuse me Mr Square Frame , please make way for these new kids in town. Hang your rackets again on the  wall. Only this time, you can hang the rackets vertically, horizontally or whichever that you like. Trust me, the end result will mesmerize everyone. wall rackets #2

[one_half]wall rackets #3[/one_half][one_half_last]wall rackets[/one_half_last]

So be creative with these vintage collection. Hang it, sew it , paint it..let your imagination running wild. Who would have thought, the rackets that once you threw is now giving your home a new vintage look.

Or why not once in a while you try to use it in a game or two. I am sure people will come to you and ask where the heck did you get that and where can they get one as well…Well we thought that was super fun.

Anyone with an appreciation for the old Badminton Rackets will immediately understand that this is a ridiculously cool rackets and they should probably get their hands on one or two of these bad boy right away.

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Badminton Shoes – Jack Purcell

badminton shoes retro

badminton shoes blackSuch a vintage shoes. I am sure some of you have one of these pair or similar design when you were a lad.

With its old school and retro look , it sure brings back some old novelties. Forget Yonex or Adidas because these shoes brings a simple statement , clean yet casual. The shoes is design by none other than the former badminton champion himself – Jack Purcell.

For you who do not know who Jack Purcell is, he was declared as badminton World Champion in 1932. That same year, Jack together with his friend  started to design a super cool sport shoes and that has changed the badminton fashion scene forever. Now Jack Purcell line of collection  has become one of the most popular shoes under the Converse brand. It is no surprise that these effortless cool design will forever be Converse’s fan favorite, especially for its vintage fashion appeal.

For more info about Jack Purcell click here. And to see more of his sic shoes collection click here.badminton shoes white

Even though the shoes has a casual look, it still can be used as a badminton shoes because it has a rubber sole which makes it suitable for a slippery badminton court. And to avoid injuries, the shoes has rubber toe cap and sidewall which makes it an appropriate gear to wear for the game. It is available in several unconventional colors. There’s  Dozer blue, Gooseberry, Sandshell , Egret and the ever cool plain white.For those who do not want to have a stereotype look, this badminton shoes is definitely the one you are looking for. It will surely make everyone turns to see your move even before you walk into the court.

badminton shoes dozarblue         badminton shoes dozarblue#2Imagine wearing these bad boy together with an awesome badminton clothing and using a black badminton shuttlecock. You are surely changing the fashion statement in this badminton world with your one of a kind look. All the gears are super affordable and super cool and it makes badminton one of our favorite sports.

So what are you waiting for. Grab one of this deadly gorgeous shoes as it is bound to catch the eye of anyone who hang around the court.badminton shoes gooseberry

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Black Badminton Shuttlecock

badminton shuttlecock black#5

badminton shuttlecock black#3Black goose feather badminton shuttlecock ? How rare is that ! Perhaps it is time to ditch your normal and boring white shuttlecock for something a bit more interesting.

These baby is using Class C but good-quality goose feathers.It is suitable for practice and small playing. In fact it is not much different from the Class A where it still gives flight stability and accurate fall point but with a cheaper price. Nevertheless for us who are just playing during our spare time, these awesome badminton shuttlecock is good enough for our games.

With its unconventional color, these super cool shuttlecock will make everyone turns their head towards the birdie every time you make that jumping smash.

So if you are looking for a gift other than a normal badminton clothing or badminton shoes, these badminton shuttles makes a perfect gift for your friend, family member or co-worker who you know is a badminton junky.badminton shuttlecock black#3a

These shuttle is stylish yet minimalist and would not cost you arms and legs. Because of that it makes a unique and interesting present. It will surely impress anyone you give this bad boy to.

Anyway whether you’re getting one for yourself or as a gift, this shuttlecock is definitely a must have for someone who does not want to be labelled as a mainstream player.

So do not waste anymore time and click the “Check It Out” button below and make your purchase today. But if you still think black is boring as well, check out these super cool LED shuttlecock for more colorful game.

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Badminton Accessories – Shuttlecock Pendant

OK players !!

Today’s post might be a little off topic.  But it is still about our beloved game , badminton..but the soft side of badminton (please do not deny it , behind those macho face that hitting the shuttlecock , you do have some soft spot for a girl..right ?)

blue pendantAnd that is why today I will show some of the jewelry collection or badminton accessories that we have in our Shuttlecockzone Store. This is not an ordinary jewelry.It’s the RARE type that you would not be able to find anywhere else.

Tell me , have you ever seen a shuttlecock wedding ring before this? A shuttlecock earring or even a shuttlecock pendant. Not always right ? So in this store , we have gathered all the rare badminton accessories just for you.

The one that we will cover today is Colored Shuttlecock Pendant…

shuttlecock-pendant#1These pendant are available in 4 beautiful colors,  blue, pink  black and golden yellow.It is made of silver.  Also at the edge of the pendant there is a silver chain that can be used to attach to the necklace – so that you would not feel that the pendant is being stuck at your neck.


So to the players out there, do not be sad if you cannot win the game in the court, you can still win your woman’s heart by presenting her this glittering pendant. The best part is, it is not as expensive as gold or diamond but hey it does has similar look.

Hopefully with these pendant, she will understand that you love her as much as you love the game…(or vice versa)

And for the girls out there.  You can get those pendant as a gift for yourselves. Treat it like a reward after all your hard work all this time.

So do not waste any more time players. Bring some colors to your life. Get it one today by clicking  the below banner!




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Badminton Rules Made Easy

badminton rules #1

Wassapp Bad Min Ton people.

Now you have all the gears ready , your dressing is overkill , your shoes so awesome that people will surely take a second look at you and then…  WAIT ! How the heck do we play this game.  Worry no more as I will explain to you the 5 basic principles of the badminton rules.

Rule #1

– The objective is to score 21 points. Who reach 21 point first is the  WINNER …

Rule #2

– This game can have 2 people playing i.e (one vs one) or 4 people playing (two vs two).

Rule #3

– The player can only touch the shuttlecock using the racket. Hand is totally not allowed.

Rule #4

– Player will gain the point every time the shuttlecock is  dead or out of play. If player A made the mistake, one point will be given to his opponent.

Rule #5

– Player is not allowed to touch the net using the racket or body. If that happened,point will be given  to the opponent.


There you go people. The most basic rules that you have to know before you can start the game. For more detailed explanation on the badminton rules especially regarding the border line for single and double play , you can click here for single game or  here for playing doubles.

And now some facts about badminton for your info

badminton rules facts

Also for the Badminton Lovers out there who likes to read more about badminton, below are some of the collection that you can find in

badminton rules book#3     badminton rules book#2   badminton rules book#1








Till my next post . Bye for now.

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Stylish Badminton Shoes

badminton shoes QF7

badminton shoes QF7

Shoes wear by Lin Dan these days….Nope..It’s not Li Ning.  It’s an Adidas.  These seriously stylish badminton shoes  are available in three colors , blue , red and white. As you dancing away with your jumping and smashing while playing the game, it will sure to capture the eye of anyone that is standing nearby with its vibrant color.

badminton shoes QF7 blueSince most of badminton players will usually wear their same old boring clothing and gears, these shoes are made for players that love to deck themselves out in all sorts of fun and colorful gear. And this baby is just perfect at an absolute steal at just over $150. Furthermore these shoes are super comfortable and they fit very nicely on your feet.

They are made of durable and synthetic upper and has a mechanism of protection that protect the toes from being squeezed in toe box.  Apart from that its softer and lighter Top-Grip rubber give an ideal grip for indoor surfaces.

badminton shoes QF7 white

Imagine pairing this shoes with a cool badminton clothing and a professional badminton rackets, we are sure you will be super confident even before you enter the badminton court.

So if you are a stylish player and looking for something that can stunned  everyone’s eyes with a cool looking  badminton shoes, then they do not get much  better than this.In addition to that, these shoes are currently on sale. So pick up a pair today !

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Sic Badminton Clothing

badminton clothing #2

Racket – Checked ; Shuttlecock – Checked ; Badminton Net – Checked! What else is missing ..a rare awesome t-shirt ? Yup! That’s what you need…

Hey man, you gotta look cool to play a cool game right ?

We have variety of badminton clothing in our collection. But right now we just going to show you some of the most coolest and sick design. You are most welcome to browse other designs from the link here. 

(1) Badminton MOM – Badminton Player Inside

badminton player baby’s out there this tshirt is for you.  Nothing is wrong to have a wishful thinking right…Furthermore it is good to nurture your baby from the start.

This awesome t-shirt available in more than 10 different colors. There is black , purple , red , pink , shocking pink and so many other colors for you to choose from. This Harvester women’s maternity T-shirt is super soft and suitable for your growing belly.

It is made of 100% cotton and weighing just above 5 pounds. You can find the sizes at the link below.


Anyway if you feel that you are not going to play any time soon , it’s ok mom , you can always customize the design and buy it as a gift for your badminton fanatic friend.  I am sure she will very very happy with the present.


badminton clothing hotbadminton-clothing#2badminton clothing apron


(2) Stop Looking At My Cock !

Naughty naughty thoughts


badminton-tshirt #2                   badminton clothing player








Well guys , the tshirt says it all…If you are an outgoing and daring person , this funny tshirt is just the right one for you. It is made of 100% fine jersey cotton and among the softest, smoothest badminton clothing that we have in our collection.

So what are you waiting for. If you think that the above funny tshirt are twisted but cool, click on the link above to get more info.  Or if you want to see more sick and awesome design like the one below, you can go here.


badminton clothing party                    badminton clothing robot








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Portable Badminton Net

badminton net #6

badminton net #1


Ok so now you own a cool LED shuttlecock.  Next  what you need is a badminton net to further enjoy the game. This particular badminton set is a great choice to start. It’s portable and it has a very light carrying case,  which is not more than 5 pounds.  It is suitable if you want to bring it for your next road trip or just as a casual play at home.



It literally takes minute to set up or take down so the players would not have to wait very long before they can start the game ; makes it a fun choice for a quick workout.

badminton net #2

badminton net #3This particular set comes with  4 rackets (2 red, 2 green), 2 shuttlecocks, a net, and a carrying case.  The carrying case also acts as the net base which does not require any tools or stakes. How cool is that right!

Even with a limited backyard space, you can still set up the kit since it would not take so much room to put it up. With its price which is on sale right now, this badminton net is the right choice for your christmas present besides other badminton related gifts like a stylish trainer, badminton clothing with a sic design or a hip badminton accessories.


badminton net #4PrintAs badminton is a game to be enjoyed with your family and friends, I must say that this is a must have badminton equipment to go with your other gear. So do not waste anymore time and check out the link.

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Top 3 Badminton Racket 2014

badminton racket bengkok

Here is the  list for Top 3 Badminton Racket in 2014


badminton racket lining


Li Ning is the racket used by the World’s Single Champion Lin Dan.  The racket is designed to have a blade shape in order to reduce the wind drag , makes it a perfect racket for a player with pure power and superb control.


badminton racket Lin Dan



This badminton racket is weighing at 85-89gm and is using 3D Break free technology. Which means it is an awesome racket that can help you to enhance the swing and strengthens your smashing power. Just like our Mr. Lin Dan here  —>

P/S:- look at the racket , it actually bend !




Yonex Z Force Badminton Racquet


A racket that is recommended for starters. This awesome badminton racket is said to have a true Yonex feeling and has incredible power.  With its weight at around 89gm , it is said to be a little heavy but it is designed that way to give more smashing power.  To increase the smash energy , this particular Yonex Racket has the thinnest ever shaft . The thinnest and strongest shaft Yonex ever produced ! It came only with one color , Black.  Sweet…







yonex nanoray #4PrintIt is claimed to be the fastest racket on the earth! With its unique frame design and the usage of the most elastic and powerful material ever i.e. the EX-HMG to built the frame , no wonder the fastest speed it ever recorded is nearly 500km/h !!  That is crazy !

So if you want to ever get close to what the professional badminton players are using , why not try with any of the choices above…

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LED Shuttlecock

This seriously cool LED Shuttlecock is available in four different colors (Green , Blue , Red and One that can turn into multiple colors).  The LED is located at the back of the cork and it can be switched on and off with only a push of a button.

You would not expect it but playing badminton at night is really fun with this shuttlecock and it can create one hell of a light show if you are playing in a long rally. They are perfect for family fun and an absolute steal at just over $5.

  This is not the cheap plastic shuttle but in fact it is made of nice real goose feather . It is very lightweight weighing at only 35g. The bright and colorful lights that are built into the cork are IC control and it can be lit for 20 hours.

So if you are looking for a fun and colorful game to play at night, especially with your kids (and adults too!) and at the same time can make you work on that body, then it doesn’t get much better than this. So…Do not hesitate to get one coz you will sure to have fun!


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